Conference Papers

Thank you to all speakers who have provided permission to upload their presentations in a PDF copy from the Conference.

Thursday 14 March 2019 

Session 1


Federation Ballroom – Keynote Session 

The Holy Grail: A legislative framework for supported decision making – 
Mr Alan Cameron AO , Ms Kathleen Cunningham , Mr Alastair McEwin, Ms Justine O’Neill, The Hon Dr Kay Patterson AO, The Hon John Watkins AM

Session 2


Federation Ballroom North – Elder Abuse

Maximizing the participation of people with decision making disabilities in guardianship proceedings – illusory or achievable? –
Emeritus Prof Terry Carney AO, Ms Christine Fougere, Ms Fiona Given, Ms Jennifer Newman, Dr Craig Sinclair, Dr Margaret Spencer


Federation Ballroom South – Supported Decision Making

53: Supported decision making for health care and financial management: Research from B. C. Canada Ms Kathleen Cunningham 

17: Supported decision-making in practice: A training module for aged care providersAdjunct A/Prof Sue Field 

25: Supported decision making – translating the framework into lived experience – Ms Helen Connolly, Ms Kate Rea


Canberra Room – Elder Abuse 

14: Elder abuse: Twelve reasons an administrator may not get the money backMr Michael Bowyer

18: Does an investigations power really stop elder abuse? What it’s like in practiceMs Natalie Siegel-Brown, Ms Deb Brown

27: Mediation and supported decision making – role in preventing elder abuse – Ms Anne Gale


Assembly Room – Human Rights 

26: Playing catch up: How substitute decision making systems can learn from inclusive practice models – Ms Justine O’Neill, Ms Alanna Julian

24: The role of article 12 of the UNCRPD within guardianship practice in Victoria – Dr Joanne Watson, Ms Julie Anderson

58: A tribunal’s role in end of life disputes: decision making and cultural contexts – Ms Julie Ford 

Session 3


Federation Ballroom North – Supported Decision Making

52: The challenges of implementing supported decision making –
Prof Christine Bigby, Dr Elizabeth Smith, Dr Shih-Ning Then


Federation Ballroom South – Elder Abuse 

4: Ignorance of the law of decision making – a recipe for abuse – Mr Brian Herd

40: Interactive role play – elder abuse: A specialist service promoting human rights – Ms Cybele Koning, Ms Sue-Lyn Lee

15: Elder abuse as perceived from a CALD perspective – Mrs Sonia Di Mezza

19: A new model of special needs financial planning in Hong Kong – A/Prof Rebecca Lee


Canberra Room – National Disability Insurance Scheme

29: Living with choice and control – NDIA and substitute decision making – Ms Helen Connolly

37: Safeguarding the health of NDIS participants – Ms Mary Burgess  

55: 2019 an OPA NDIS odyssey – Mr Matthew Rasmussen, Ms Megan Archer

66: National decision support pilot for access to the NDIS – Ms Mary Mallett


Assembly Room – Guardianship 

42: Legislation vs practice. Does Australian guardianship practice have an image problem? – Ms Anita Smith

39: Tips for an effective hearing – Ms Clare Endicott

57: Guardianship hearings in ACT public hospitals: Observations from hospital professionalsMs Helen Bateman, Ms Julia Esprey 

13: NSW Trustee and Guardian – here to helpMr Jarrad Mccarthy, Ms Maree Rice

Session 4


Plenary – Supported Decision Making 

Supported decision making for older persons with cognitive decline – 
Ms Helen Connolly , Ms Elizabeth (Liz) Samra , Ms Juleen Schiefelbein , Prof Robin Creyke , Dr Ramila Varendran 

Friday 15 March 2019 

Session 5


Federation Ballroom – Keynote Session 

Indigenous Engagement –
41. Ms Jacinta Thorne, 56. Ms Judy Clisby, Ms Jennifer Newman

Session 6


Federation Ballroom North – Elder Abuse 

11: Elder financial abuse: Reform imperatives –
Ms Lauren Adamson, Mr Luke Wright, Ms Natalie Siegel-Brown, Ms Amanda Pullinger, Ms Jo McKinstray, Dr Brendan French, Snr Sgt Alasdair Gall


Federation Ballroom South – Elder Abuse 

2: Elder abuse, undue influence and supported decision making: Practical mechanics and inter-relationsDr Jane Lonie

10: Differences in risk factors and abuse patterns across models of familial elder abuse Ms Anna Gillbard, Ms Deidre Venz

44: Embedding supported decision-making in the national plan on elder abuseAdjunct A/Prof Sue Field

43: An idea of adult support and protection legislative system: A comparative law studyMr Yukio Sakurai


Canberra Room – Health Care Decisions

46: Decision making in health care with cognitive disability Ms Karen Williams

5: Advance care planning in residential aged careMs Claire McNamara

59: A study on treatment decision making process for individuals with mental illnesses in KoreaProf Sang Kyoung Kahng, Prof Hae Sook Jeon

28: A paradigm shift in medical treatment decision making: ‘Best interests’ to ‘preferences and values’ – Ms Sonia Gardiner, Ms Nicolina Scarcella


Assembly Room – Communication 

7: AAC on both sides of the fenceMs Fiona Given

20: Supported decision making for people who communicate differentlyDr Joanne Watson

65: Sexual consent: Getting to yes when the law says noMr Nick Collyer

30: Interaction with health services – using the legislationMs Helen Connolly, Ms Christina Thompson

Session 7


Federation Ballroom North – Elder Abuse 

6: At risk and at home: Is there an optimal adult safeguarding model? Dr John Chesterman

47: Elder abuse and autonomyMs Karen Williams

35: It is all about relationships. A holistic case management approach to elder abuse preventionMs Cassie Causton

36: Ending institutional abuse in aged careMs Mary Burgess


Federation Ballroom South – Elder Abuse 

64: Integrated model of care for responding to suspected elder abuseMs Antoinette Libertone

16: Recognition, rights and respect: A model for responding to elder abuse in VictoriaMs Helen Rushford

38: Benefits of a health justice partnership to address elder abuseMs Jillian Freeman, Ms Yvonne Lipianin, Ms Barbara Lee

12: Application of the professional boundary concept to dementia and elder careDr Sid Williams


Canberra Room – Supported Decision Making

23: Requiem for capacity (and decision-making): The aspiration of art 12 (3) CRPD in NDIS landMr Jason Abraham

50: Comparing and sharing experiences – a lesson we can learnDr Eva Nachtschatt

45: Are Korean societies on the road to a supported decision making system required by article 12 CRPD?Prof Cheolung Je

60: Economic, social and cultural rights for adults with cognitive disabilitiesMs Julia Duffy


Assembly Room – Planning Ahead 

51: Protecting and supporting persons without mental capacity – the Singapore storyMrs Regina Ow

21: Can I wear two hats?Mr Simon Brown

61: A review of the do it yourself advance care directiveDr Sue Jarrad

31: Safeguarding misuse of Power of AttorneyMs Helen Connolly, Ms Pauline Willenberg